2 Responses to “God Always Rewards the Faithful with Knowledge of His Existence”

  1. BahaMan says:

    Great post Tom……..It’s been a while and I missed reading you.

    I’m sure that many readers can relate to your story. Everyone has a past and if they look hard enough they will recognize God’s fingerprints somewhere along that journey. In my life, there is no doubt.

    However, how many of us, even with the recognition of God’s Hand in our past, lose faith in a present situation. Hindsight is 20/20 and very comforting. Let’s hope that Catholics everywhere hold fast to the faith in our present, personal conditions. No one knows the future but Our Father in Heaven. All we know is the “Now”. Memories of the past, and God’s role in it (as you have illustrated for us), should strengthen us for the trials to come.

    • Tom Voiland says:

      Baha – thanks for your comment. Not only do I pray for all to know that God exists, but to come to understand the reality that the Catholic Church is His bride and the only place where the Fullness of the Truth resides.

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