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Welcome to the initial post to this blog.  It’s been a long time coming.  My sincerest hope is that the Lord guides me in all that I write here and that readers find what I have to say to be direct, engaging, consistent and interesting.  If the latter is not fulfilled then I guess I’ll be a lonely author.

For the record, I am Catholic first and Conservative second.  Everything that I hope to be in my life emanates from the Catholic Church, the source and fullness of all Truth.  If you have a genuine interest in following this blog, I ask that you take the time to read the About Tom Voiland section, because I sincerely want readers to understand who I am and where I am coming from.

The Catholic Church – The Fullness of the Truth

One of the most frustrating situations I often find myself in is talking to another Christian who is not Catholic about our Lord, His life, the Bible, etc .  Inevitably, the discussion will turn on my contention that the Catholic Church is the only “true” Church.  I am by no means a Biblical scholar or even a learned apologetic, but I do know a little bit about history and my Catholic Faith.

History and the Catholic Faith

So as my seperated Christian friend is reciting a myriad of Bible passages to the letter, I stop them and ask a simple question; “Which Church did Christ Himself establish when on Earth?”  Based on who I am talking to and to which one of the estimated 33,000 protestant denominations they belong, I will get varied answers.  However, I will never get the simple answer; that Christ established one Church on Earth in which He used His Apostles and disciples to propagate and by A.D. 107 that Church was first called Catholic by St. Ignatius of Antioch .  Ignatius wrote, “Where the bishop is present, there is the Catholic Church”.  Thus, the second century of Christianity had scarcely begun when the name of the Catholic Church was already in use.

Let No One Separate What God Has Joined

The simple fact is that Christ established one Church on Earth which was coined the Catholic Church as early as the 2nd century.  Further that Church was the only source for Christian doctrine until the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century – 1,500 years.  Finally that it was man – human beings – who decided to divorce themselves from the Church without any authority whatsoever to do so.  The Protestant Reformation was not ordained by God, but by man and for reasons such as demanding a divorce that would not be granted (Henry the 8th).

No matter how derelict the institution of the Catholic church had become by the 16th century in the eyes of certain Christians or how egregious certain practices were, nothing had detracted from the absolute purity and perfection of the Church – Christ’s bride and Christ Himself.  The perfection of the Church – the Catholic Church – was borne by and of Christ and not an atom of that reality had changed by the 16th century or will ever change.  The perfection of the Catholic Church lives to this day and She contains the fullness of the Truth and that Truth is Christ.

Please launch the following link for a more in-depth discussion of this topic; http://www.catholic.com/library/Fundamentalist_or_Catholic.asp


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  1. Bobby Voiland says:


    “Christ founded one Church and one Church only” (prologue to Vatican II documents).

    How happy I am to see you are finally getting one of your “happier endeavors” off the ground. As your brother in the flesh and the Faith, my fervent hope is that this effort brings much fruit by way of defending Holy Mother Church, spreading Her eternal Truth to others and, perhaps, bringing not a few of our seperated brothers and sisters back to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    If God is with you, who can be against you? Let us pray the Holy Spirit guides you and all who come here receive a measure of Grace.

    Your brother in Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.


  2. Jess says:

    Hello Tom, you have a very nice blog! Very well written and very informative. I would like to engage you in a conversation about your faith and the topic you posted, “The Catholic Church; The Source and fullness of All Truth”. You seem very passionate in your writtings so I imagine you would have no problem explaining why you believe what you believe.

    I hope we can talk at length and in a mature fasion regarding this subject. Most people, when they do not have an answer for something, or they come up against a particular challenge, they tend to shut down and stop talking rather than seeking the truth. I really hope you are not one of those people. On the flip side, I am open to your questions and/or challenges as well. To save blog space, feel free to communicate with me by email…at times that can be easier. It’s your call.

    In your blog you stated: “So as my protestant Christian friend is reciting a myriad of Bible passages to the letter, I stop them and ask a simple question; “Which Church did Christ Himself establish when on Earth?”

    I would like to start with two questions. First, do you know why your protestant friends quote Scripture? As well as why did Jesus Himself and the Apostles quote Scripture all the time?

    My other question is what does the Catholic Church ( or the Church you currently attend ) have in common with the first Church we read about in Acts? Sorry, I guess that was 3 questions :))

    Hope you are having a wonderful day and I look forward to your response. Jess

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